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Following Paul Pubic NTV went with Anton Krasovsky

17.01.2012 13:41
  Following Paul Pubic NTV went with Anton Krasovsky
NTV television presenter Anton Krasovsky is no longer working on the TV. This was "" a source told the NTV. Krasovskii himself on Facebook wrote that his omission in Ostankino was blocked because his contract expired.

In short comments "" Krasovsky said that the withdrawal of NTV - his initiative: in December, he went on unpaid leave, but now stopped working on the TV. In late December it was reported that the head of election headquarters Krasovskii businessman Mikhail Prokhorov.

A day earlier in a similar situation was the other presenter Paul Lobkov - he was not blocked by omission, and the phone. In the NTV January 17 confirmed that the contract has expired Lobkova in 2011. "On the insults Paul Albertovich. I come now to Ostankino, and I understand that my pass is also blocked. Comrades, here just such a procedure. Ends contract guard clears the data. There is nothing criminal," - said on this occasion Krasovskii through Facebook.

Anton Krasovsky was editor of "NTVshniki" since 2009. Previously, he worked at NTV in 1997 - chief editor of "Book News". After that, Krasovsky changed a lot of work, including "Kommersant", "Yandex", "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", Vogue and other publications.

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